Stephen Groff
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Principal & Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick Sep 6/17, Up 27%) They are still making progress on a recent acquisition. It is a high quality business that can continue to invest as they are smart allocators of capital. The barriers of entry are very high.
(A Top Pick Sep 6/17, Up 96%) He continues to like it and thinks it is still at an attractive valuation given the business model. Since the acquisition they have continued to deliver the cash flow growth. They have a good growth trajectory still.
(A Top Pick Sep 6/17, Up 28%) He does not like it much anymore and sold it. You have to trust the execution of management. The fact was they had an issue and said it was fixed. They had a follow up issue and then another and he felt it was out of control. It rallied to an attractive sell price.
He thinks the impact of AMZN-Q coming into the space is over stated. When you look at the valuation of WBA-Q today, the huge scale, he has a lot of trust in the management. They are generating a boat load of free cash flow. (Analysts’ target: $71.39).
It is very diversified through the US. He believes in this one even though you are getting a 7% yield. Management really knows how to allocate capital well. He likes their track record of allocating capital wealth. They can continue to grow free cash flow. (Analysts’ target: $21.20).