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(A Top Pick Oct 09/18, Down 55%) He has a one year target of $1.60. Debt is not a problem. He thinks this is a cheap stock. This is a buy today on weakness.
(A Top Pick Oct 09/18, Down 74%) It has a debt situation. He likes the company and the management. They have good assets. He would like to see the debt paid down more.
(A Top Pick Oct 09/18, Down 14%) It was taken over.
Some investors are concerned about the debt. The balance sheet is okay to him. They are using excess cash flow to pay down debt and can ramp up production as we see LNG projects coming on line. He has a $1.80 target. (Analysts’ price target is $1.36)
Yield is still north of 8%. He has a $2.40 target. He sees the dividend being raised next year if oil is $70. Insiders are significant shareholders. (Analysts’ price target is $1.78)