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(A Top Pick Jun 18/18, Down 94%) The whole thing about low energy prices and the debt restructuring meant the stock got beat up. He will be adding to this position. People need to see that they can service the debt and then see the price of nat. gas firm up.
(A Top Pick Jun 18/18, Down 8%) He hoped Trinidad would do the deal and be in the pockets of PD-T, but it did work out. Ensign's offer won in the end. It worked out for him.
(A Top Pick Jun 18/18, Down 7%) They disenchanted the Canadian shareholders. They just wanted European shareholders. This stock is gone now and he does not hold it.
84% liquids and a monthly dividend of about 9%. He has a $2.40 target. They have an ability to grow production as we get higher commodity prices. It is one of the three names he likes in the dividend space. It traded at $2.61 when oil was at $76 in 2018. (Analysts’ price target is $2.06)
Debt is only 23% so is not one to worry about for debt. His target is $4. 64% liquids. It was at $5.20 last year and is now under $2 late last week. Buy it at under $2. There is no dividend, though. (Analysts’ price target is $4.36)