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(A Top Pick Jun 20/19, Down 66%) Of course, have been impacted by oil prices. They continue to pay down debt. Q2 and Q3 will have lower cash flows. It's been beat up and have a slight bounce from the low. He'll buy in Q4 during tax-loss selling. Nothing to move this stock up in the near term, though. It could fall below 30 cents in the next few quarters. Likes the company and its assets.
(A Top Pick Jun 20/19, Down 60%) He expects their volumes to be flat in the next two quarters, then picking up. Buy on weakness under 70 cents. It's nearly triped from the March bottom.
(A Top Pick Jun 20/19, Down 26%) It's generating free cash flow and paying down debt. Buy this under $10 for the long term. This is the premier large gas company in Canada with a strong management team who will maximize shareholder value. Managers also own a lot of shares.
Has a decent balance sheet with a good cash flow. They've lowered capex, but will spend in Q4 when oil prices should rise for the winter. Buy this under $1. His one-year target is $4. But this when WTI falls below $30 this year, as he predicts. (Analysts’ price target is $2.20)
A Colombian natural gas producer which enjoys a favourable U.S. price of US$3.60. Production will rise as more customers and pipeline capacity are found. There's a shortage of natural gas in the country. It pays a nice dividend of 5.6%. He has a $5 target. Buy below $3.40. (Analysts’ price target is $6.09)