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(A Top Pick Nov 19/18, Up 3%) They had a massive asset sale. They are still planning to try to monetize some infrastructure assets.
(A Top Pick Nov 19/18, Down 30%) It is a dividend model and is a great one to buy. Next year it should have the ability to raise the dividend. It is sustainable right now.
(A Top Pick Nov 19/18, Down 36%) Almost 14% dividend. He like it. It got beat up last year and is a buy this year during tax loss selling season.
A natural gas producer that will benefit from LNG. It is trading at less than 1 times cash flow. Management are significant owners of the stock and have been buying more shares. His target is $1.80. (Analysts’ price target is $1.28)
100% Colombian oil. There is tax loss selling potential on this one. They had a production hiccup in Q2. He has a one year target of $5.50. It could be a tax loss selling target. Management has a strong interest in the company. It is a really cheap stock. Buy during tax loss selling season. (Analysts’ price target is $3.60)