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(A Top Pick Mar 28/19, Down 90%) That loss reflects the oil sector. But based on their fundamentals, the stock is oversold--all small/medium-caps. This is a long-term hold given its quality assets. He's holding and will add in the near future.
(A Top Pick Mar 28/19, Down 80%) No debt and strong balance sheet. They just replaced their CEO whom he will soon meet. HWO will survive. They cut their dividend to zero. Strong fundamentals means they will endure.
(A Top Pick Mar 28/19, Up 100%) They work in Trinidad, drilling for oil onshore. They have long-term potential with a plan to drill three wells in 2019-2020. The first was successful with a well likely to produce in July. A second discovery could come on in early-2021 and add more production. These drills have rallied the stock. He has an 80-cent target, so there's lots of upside. Even in tough times with low prices, successful drilling for oil will pay off.
Debt to cash flow is under 2x last year. Natural gas prices are holding well. It now pays a 17% dividend that their cash flow can sustain. He's been adding to his position. There's a huge disconnect between this stock price and its fundamentals. No reality, just fear. The balance sheet is fine and the stock is very cheap.
The trophy name in Canada, the largest nat. gas producer. Their production of liquids is rising. They pay a 7.1% dividend yield. It's trading at its lowest valuation level ever. Great managers over the decades. They're generating free cash flow from their contracted gas, and with US revenues higher given the weaker Canadian dollar. He's been buying more shares recently.