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(Top Pick Mar 7/16, Up 135.48%) He thinks it is going to go a lot further in the next couple of months when we hear they have the mine lease. They are putting only a fraction of the deposit into production because demand has to develop. Any user needs reliable supply. These discoveries in Australia are a game changer. This market could explode.
(Top Pick Mar 7/16, Up 411.83%) The manganese content was 1.3%, which is not a show stopper. A short selling syndicate attacked the company. The story was withdrawn the next day.
(Top Pick Mar 7/16, Up 40.74%) It has been a disappointment. They did not raise the capital they wanted. They are going to do some more drilling. It is one of the best diamond discoveries in the last 6 years. There is no caribou migration problem in this area of Baffin Island.
We are about to enter a really good age with Scandium as we learn to combine it with aluminum. This orphan company that was shunned is about to launch into a different realm where American investors come and take over future funding of this company.
They acquired adventure gold. They are re-drilling a depleted old mine and finding new zones. They reported a find this morning. It has lots of cash and not a lot of stock out. (Analysts’ target: $2.15).