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(Past Top Pick, January 23, 2017, Down 6%) He sold recently his shares, because they took on too much debt. He doesn't like highly levered companies. They've had some good recent quarters though.
(Past Top Pick, January 23, 2017, Up 2%) He's looking closely at this after selling it. It's a good derivatives trade on oil improving and money returning to Alberta. The only problem is there hasn't been an absorption of new properties in Alberta yet though we likely will later this year.
(Past Top Pick, January 23, 2017, Down 37%) He sold his shares. We've gone through a strong movie season, but the stock hasn't moved much. He doubts the movie slate will be as good in the second half of 2018. This will be flat for some time to come.
He loves the software space. Once you hook a client to use your software, they never stop using it. This business generates a lot of cash. OTEX will generate $1 billion of operating cash flow in the next three years. They've done a great job growing EBITDA per share. OTEX is cheap consider 11x EBITDA vs. 17x among U.S. peers. Has had dividend growth for the past five years. (Analysts' price target: $55.07)
A very cheap stock vs. Canadian and US peers. A Canadian company that generates revenue outside Canada--he likes that. It recently broke out and he thinks will continue to make new highs, easily to $70. Their oil and gas business is a tailwind. (Analysts' price target: $69.96)