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(A Top Pick July 15/14. Up 4.18%.) Acquiring Time Warner Cable (TWC-N). They are looking at the landscape and realizing that it is changing. Within the framework of the incumbent cable and telecom, he feels this is in the best condition to navigate that change in the landscape.
(A Top Pick July 15/14. Up 8.95%.) A multi-industrial with exposure to medical devices and your typical businesses as well. In this market, this is one of the better industrials to own, because it doesn’t have exposure to oil and gas. The new CEO has done a great job of navigating shareholders expectations. Feels they have a significant amount of CapX to do a deal. It is an M&A story, and people are waiting for the M&A to happen.
(A Top Pick July 15/14. Down 18.2%.) An energy services provider, the largest construction contractor for oil pipeline construction in North America, as well as the transmission distribution business. A phenomenal company. Management has done a great job. They continue to navigate this market and haven’t really lost any contracts. Valuation is very cheap at about 11X earnings. When energy prices recover, this company will have significant upside.
New CEO who has done a great job of reshaping the business. Has been very creative with the deals he has done. This company is a high dividend business model, but also has significant growth. Generally it is a difficult juggling act to balance, but the CEO has done a great job of strategically generating cash flow that allows him to pay out the dividend and still fund organic growth. The Ruby pipeline deal is very cash flow accretive. The Encana (ECA-T) joint venture is also cash flow accretive and allows them to fund the dividend while they go out and build Jordan Cove. He expects these to drive the value north of $20-$21 over the next 2-3 years. Yield of 6.01%.
This is a General Partner, which for tax purposes is investable by anybody, and is essentially a C Corp (?). They essentially own and operate the largest network infrastructure of energy assets in the Northeast, particularly in the Marsalis and Utica shale blue regions. This is one of the higher prolific liquids rich regions that you want to have exposure to in this market. Management team has been very proactive in extracting shareholder value out of the current business model. Their guidance is for 10%-15% dividend growth based on the current commodity strip. His view is that oil will recover at some point, and when it does the dividend gets rebased back up to north of 18%-20%. Dividend yield of 4.6%.