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(A Top Pick Sept 12/13. Up 16.12%.) Had been delivering on the retail side extremely well. Second-quarter had stellar results and margins are improving rapidly. The 1.3 billion EBITDA target they have on retail should be raised in the next few months. Some downside on their wholesale due to operational issues. Still a very good story. Price of corn is an issue and farmers’ income is down this year. There is some uncertainty as to where they are going. Once they go through this final leg of CapX over the next 12 months, free cash flow should increase quite a bit and you should see a good dividend increase.
(A Top Pick Sept 12/13. Up 28.49%.) This is absolutely a “go to” play. There is plenty of room to grow. They’ve won a number of contracts. Pricing and utilization have been moving up. Notwithstanding the volatility in the price of gas and oil, they have been getting market share in the US and in key plays. Taking market share from US competition and smaller players. Yield of 1.78%.
(A Top Pick Sept 12/13. Up 7.8%.) The price of silver is down $4 since a year ago, so this company has pretty well outperformed the price of silver. They will still have about 20% growth over the next 2 years as they own the silver stream and the gold stream for the mine in Peru. Risk/reward should be to the upside. Dividend of around 1.5%-2%.
One of the premier pressure pumpers in North America. Balanced in the US and Canada. Also, have assets in Argentina and a little bit in Russia. Right now you are seeing better utilization rates. There is some pricing power as well. Bringing on new capacity over the next 12 months. Earnings potential is tremendous. He sees 20%-40% growth in earnings going into next year. Dividend yield of 2.51%.
Probably the lowest cost producer in the big cap space that he covers. Basically no debt at this time, because they were not getting permits. They are getting close to getting some of those permits, but have the liberty of holding back if gold prices are too low. They should be obtaining permits in China over the next 6-12 months for their Eastern Dragon mine, which should eventually lead to listing the Chinese assets to Hong Kong or selling part of the assets. A great catalyst beyond the gold price. Yield of 0.23%.