James Dutkiewicz
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Cinemark USA Inc. 4.875%, June 1st, 2023 Bond. Second largest globally, third largest in the US in its space. There is expansion into Latin America. A block buster slate of movies in 2015/16 and they have confectionaries. They obviously only go into countries when they can be the 2nd or 3rd biggest.
Restaurant Brands 6%, April 1, 2022. Tim Horton’s and Burger King. A lot of debt. Management did a great job of taking out costs in previous companies so thinks they will do it again. Berkshire put capital into the preferreds at 9%, but he is lower in the capital structure.
8% bond maturing June 15/20. (Top Pick Aug 13/13, Up 13.00%) It no longer qualified as capital under new rules. They exchanged this bond for qualifying capital. It is essentially the same credit. He still likes the bank.
10.5% bond maturing April 27/17. (Top Pick Aug 13/13, Up 16.00%) US$ Bond. It is a cement company that is being consolidated in China. He bought more after it dropped.
6.5% bond maturing March 15/21. (Top Pick Aug 13/13, Up 11.00%) A growing Canadian oil and gas story. It was building up a cash pile before Cap-X got under way. He bought more when it went on sale. It is playing out with how the stock and the debt are performing.