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(Top Pick Jul 2/14, Down 21.54%) You look at the correction in oil hitting harder than expected and then you look at the yield and the outlook for energy. This would be a good value play where you get paid to wait.
(Top Pick Jul 2/14, Up 70.22%) The healthy eating trends yields $200 billion of capital flowing into organic and healthy eating foods. There is 60-70% margins on organic milk. It is really a growth story.
(Top Pick Jul 2/14, Up 2.98%) They have been suffering from the strong dollar. In the future you will see better comps and better balance sheet strength. You are starting to see slow growth.
The US steel market has been glutted for years. Then the US government enacted anti-dumping legislation for the US. When you look at steel, it is an infrastructure investment in a protected environment. This is a strong company and there is plenty of upside in steel.
They returned debt earlier this year. Cost profitability has goes up and you will see better margins when they report later this week. The uncertainty with US elections and dollar, gold will come back into favour.