Randall Abramson
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Co-founder, President and CEO, Chief Portfolio Mgr at
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(A Top Pick Dec 8/11. Down 57.57%.) Still likes. Very cheap. Has been hurt because of the atrocious gas prices. Have 3 significant plays, one gas and 2 potential oils. Expect they will have a partner for some of these.
(A Top Pick Dec 8/11. Up 7.06%.)
(A Top Pick Dec 8/11. Up 53.47%.) Sold a quarter of his position Friday because they were up so much. Still likes. Trading at about 10X earnings.
Trading at 50% of its fair value. Still in early stages although they are currently doing 2000 barrels a day. Have guided to 4000 barrels. Have guided to $48 million of cash flow starting at the end of this year. Trades at about 2X cash flow. Potential to cash flow more than its share price in 3 years.
BestBuy.com is growing at 30%-40% and forecasting another double digit growth for this year. Growing in China. Shrinking back there big box stores.