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Trading at a discount to Canadian National (CNR-T) on a number of metrics. Interesting way to play recovery in volume in bulk, particularly grain and coal. Management has committed to lowering costs. Sold off recently.
Stock has suffered he thinks because of the Redback purchase. 63 million ounces so looks cheaper than all the other majors, except fo Barrick (ABX-T). Could have further discoveries in some of their less expored properties.
Feels the company is under appreciated. With all the focus on wireless, mobile and the Cloud, market has overlooked the fact that the whole back office of all those areas are going to be running desktops that are going to run on Windows servers. Pays 9.5X next year’s earnings.
(A Top Pick Dec 18/09. Up 27.9%.)
(A Top Pick Dec 18/09. Up 20.24%.)