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(A Top Pick Dec 05/19, Down 12%) He is always wrong when he recommends something in Europe. He got out.
(A Top Pick Dec 05/19, Up 2%) It is a core holding for the TSX. He has little Canadian holdings and has not had for several years. He is not that keen on Canada mainly because of government policy bent on destroying the energy industry.
(A Top Pick Dec 05/19, Up 20%) It is a core holding. He will always have this.
US companies that are constantly increasing their dividends over time. It has a lot of very familiar names in it. He thinks it will continue to perform well. It is more into the value sector.
Banks. It is a play on US banks. It has a about a 9.5% yield. It has a very broad segment of the US banks. He uses it as an income play. Banks in a zero rate interest rate environment have trouble making money but he does not see it as a that bi a risk.