John Hood
Member since: Oct '09
President & Portfolio Manager at
J. C Hood Investment.

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(A Top Pick Apr 02/19, Down 2%) It is a good place to remain. It is diversified in several medical services. He still holds it.
(A Top Pick Apr 02/19, Down 20%) He sold this one. It concentrates on Quebec companies. He liked the diversification away from energy and commodities. It did not perform as he liked, so sold out.
(A Top Pick Apr 02/19, Down 8%) He sold out of this one a while ago. Covered call strategies are good in flat to rising markets, not so much during down turns.
An alternative to straightforward S&P500. These focus on about 181 dividend growers. It has all the biggest, solid companies. He has been buying a lot of this one lately. Yield 1.41%
This has tracked well with the market, despite having covered calls. He has worked closely with the managers and has even sat on their trading desk. Its MER is 0.75%. About 50% does not have covered calls sold against the holdings. Yield 7.21%