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He's re-entered the space with another announcement of pipeline being reconsidered. A lot of these companies are back making money. The energy sector should see some change shortly, and if there is a change, oil companies will do well.
Yield is around 6 percent. Now that the markets are looking toppy, he likes it for the yield.
The one covered call he didn't sell. It's always been a good performer and it's a good way to have income. It pays a 5% yield. There is possible capital gains and dividends.
(A Top Pick Aug 15/18, Up 20%) A good way to play pharma without the litigation problems. For a Canadian one, it would be ZUH. Medical devices have done very well, and wish he had more.
(A Top Pick Aug 15/18, Up 8%) A Canadian version of this would be ZAG. The fees are relatively low. A massive institutional favourite with a mix including longer term bonds.