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(A Top Pick Jun 13/18, Up 5%) Likes the mid and small cap space. Never really owned it, but still would recommend the fund.
(A Top Pick Jun 13/18, Down 3%) Wasn't really holding it, but still have no issues with it. Likes the idea of it but it wasn't different enough from other securities he owned.
(A Top Pick Jun 13/18, Up 1%) Ended up selling this a few months ago to buy more U.S. based stocks. This stands out because it's not heavily weighted on banks and energy like other Canadian broad based funds.
Low volatility. Long and overweight in the U.S. but starting to get more cautious so this is a good Canadian play. It's reasonably priced and the management fee is low enough. Its top holdings are Fairfax, Rogers and Telus. Dividend paying companies. ZLU-T is the U.S. version.
No tech stocks, but low volatility with McDonald's and Waste Management. Utilities that pay dividends. Good for waiting and seeing how trade headlines plays out.