John Hood
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President & Portfolio Manager at
J. C Hood Investment.

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(A Top Pick Feb 14/19, Up 11%) He likes covered calls on US banks. Owns a lot of this.
(A Top Pick Feb 14/19, Up 11%) He owns few emerging markets, but glad this worked well.
(A Top Pick Feb 14/19, Up 9%) He owns very little EM. Glad this worked out. As for the coronavirus now, he can't trust what the Chinese authorities say.
Bought it when markets tanked in Dec. 2018. Very cheap at 4 basis points. Holds value stocks like Procter and Gamble, but it also holds defensive stocks. Also this is a huge fund. He's long owned this.
It's a good buy now, because the oil companies have been efficient and there have been two court decisions favourable to the Oil Sands.