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(A Top Pick Mar 07/18, Up 3%) Doing okay like all the Canadian banks. He likes TD's recent 10% dividend increase. It surprised last quarter being on the downside, because their capital markets were a lot worse than the other banks'. Still likes it.
(A Top Pick Mar 07/18, Up 27%) Benefitted from shipping more oil by train (and the lack of pipelines). Their system was overloaded, but they've since spent money on more trains, so volumes have risen, all wonderful.
(A Top Pick Mar 07/18, Up 20%) A core holding for him. They pay a good dividend. They've bought good assets in the States. They're geographically diversified, so are no longer 100% Canadian, but 50/50 with America. Good balance sheet. They raise dividends 6-7% annually.
Solid and diversified. A good dividend grower at 7% annually. They have $17 billion of capex over the next three years. Growth rate of 7%. (Analysts’ price target is $49.48)
He picked the worst Canadian bank year to date. It's underperformed. Their capital markets side was worse than expected. There've been questions about their Mexico operations with changes in that banking environment. They are a good dividend grower and will do another one likely in Q3. The growth of their mortage bank is slowing, though still positive; delinquencies haven't risen. Their core business is domestic retail and what matters is what they do with that cash flow. They're investing in technology which has hurt margins. (Analysts’ price target is $79.17)