Douglas Kee
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Senior Vice-President and Portfolio Manager at
Cardinal Capital Management

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(A Top Pick Mar 13/19, Up 24%) Great company, core holding. Continues to do well. Yield of 3% plus, growing at 5-6% a year. Hold forever. Valuations are high, so probably won't be acquiring anything soon.
(A Top Pick Mar 13/19, Up 8%) Thought it would be out of the doghouse by now. Problems in Chile and Canadian consumer have caused it to struggle. Still happy to own it.
(A Top Pick Mar 13/19, Up 5%) OK company, cheap. 11x earnings. Competition from Amazon. But people still go there. Sportcheck is doing well. Stick with it. It will continue to do well despite e-commerce.
Core holding. Trades at 18x earnings. 5-6% in both earnings and dividend growth. 30B worth of projects being built, and another 20B to come. Yield is 4.26%. (Analysts’ price target is $73.85)
Owns all 6 big banks. Chose it because it's trading at a market multiple, but typically trades at a premium. In US, consumer is in better shape, employment is still growing, wages are going up. Yield is 3.9%. (Analysts’ price target is $79.40)