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Stock Opinions by Tony Demarin

Bank of Nova Scotia
Likes Cdn banks and their history of growing dividends. This one is well run and one of the lowest on a cost to income basis. Conservative with their credit quality. Good growth opportunities in non-North American areas. Want to expand in wealth management. Trading at about 12X earnings. Expected to raise dividends again in 2011.
Growth primarily in oil sands area. Finished phase 1 of Horizons project with about 110,000 barrels a day. Phase 2 and 3 will raise that to .25 million barrels and 4 and 5 will bring it to half a million barrels a day. Strong history of increasing cash flow back to shareholders.
oil / gas
World leader in generic drug manufacturing. Significant operations in Europe and the US. Made a couple of good acquisitions. Will benefit when other companies drugs come off patent.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Sold his holdings because of valuations. If it fell below $50 and into the higher $40’s he would be interested.
oil / gas pipelines
Manulife Financial
Likes long-term outlook. Operationally doing well. Significant growth opportunities in Asia, primarily Vietnam and China. Biggest challenge is liability on variable annuities and segregated funds. Will be dependent on stock market growth (which he is optimistic on) as well as long-term interest rates, which will help.
BCE Inc.
Recently sold his holdings when it got into the mid-$30's and raised dividends. Just acquired CTV so well now revaluate the situation. Challenge for telecom companies in Canada is that they are slow growing. Replacing wire line with faster wireless, which has much more competition in the next couple of years.
telephone utilities
When Ontario government announced they were going to change the rules on generic drugs he took the opportunity to exit the stock and assess the landscape in the next couple of years. Expect other provincial governments will follow. Still good growth opportunities in Western Canada. Well managed, pays a dividend and trades at a reasonable multiple but he would like more clarity on the rules.
specialty stores
Yellow Pages Limited
Will convert on Nov 1st to a dividend paying company. Will reduce cash payments from about $.80 to $.65 in the form of a dividend. Distributable cash next year will be close to $1. Fantastic yield. Trying to transition from old media print style company to an on-line web based advertising. Would hold this only if you are interested in the yield.
communications / media
Medtronic Inc
Well run leader in global medical technology including diagnostic testing and medical equipment used in surgeries. 25-year history of increasing dividends annually. Strong Cdn$ makes it an attractive buy. Good entry point.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
He focuses on larger integrated oil/gas companies. Well run company with A lot of growth ahead. Operates in a region of North America that has an enormous amount of potential. A lot of land with light, sweet oil. If you are a growth investor, this is one you could continue to own.
oil / gas
TC Energy
Good yield and a history of increasing cash flow and dividends. Primarily involved in natural gas pipelines. Also has a power division with good growth opportunities in the next number of years coming from hydroelectric projects.
oil / gas pipelines
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