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(A Top Pick Nov 23/18, Up 11%) Most people are underexposed to high-quality bonds, namely US Treasuries. Portfolios should hold bonds now for safety and balance.
(A Top Pick Nov 23/18, Up 15%) Skews to non-cyclical, low-vol sectors like REITs and utilities with quality balance sheets and outperform the markets during growth shock.
(A Top Pick Nov 23/18, Up 4%) It contains well-funded blue chips, Buffet-esque. The portfolio overwrites some hedging strategies by buying puts and selling some calls with downside protection that will reduce risk.
This holds gold itself. Most portfolios don't hold gold. It provides stability in a portfolio in, say, deflation, and offers returns. You can also hold gold stocks themselves.
Pays a 4.9% dividend and is a strong performer. It's actively managed and equal-weight, which he likes. It's for income growth, too. You pay a little more for it being actively managed, but worth it for the performance and yield.