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(A Top Pick Jun 04/18, Down 7%) It's a long-term play. He's never owned this. He recommended it because China is the second-biggest economy and share market cap, but represents only 0.73% in the world MSCI emerging market indexes. This is changing to 16% of EM. This is expanding as we speak.
(A Top Pick Jun 04/18, Up 5%) SA is the 7th-largest stock exchange in emerging markets, and the largest Arab one. This offers diversity and runs on a completely different economic cycle. The Saudi currency is pegged to the USD. It's a unique market that few own.
(A Top Pick Jun 04/18, Up 4%) Finished Q4 with a slightly positive return, but better than North American markets. Why? This owns the whole world in a balanced way to absorb market shocks and pay a steadier rate of return.
It duplicates the Morningstar broad hedge fund index, hedged to the CAD. If you add this to a 60/40 North American portfolio, the stock ratio will go up.
Not hedged (though there is a hedged version, a 50/50 split is fine). This gains exposure to gold, which you must own now.