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(A Top Pick Jun 25/19, Up 0.2%) Flat was better than a roller coaster recently. It was not down as much when the market was.
(A Top Pick Jun 25/19, Up 21%) He got it in Canadian $ on purpose. He wanted the US dollar exposure with the gold exposure to act as a diversifier. It has done exceptionally well due to inflation and slowing growth. It is outperforming the NAZDAQ.
(A Top Pick Jun 25/19, Up 5%) It is about investing in high quality portfolios. The stocks are purchased with the overlay of a put strategy.
This is a convenient way to own physical silver. It has a cost of 45 basis points. This market is broad and pervasive in its up thrust. Supply is constrained as less and less mines come on line. It is like buying gold a year ago.
The trend and breakout is pervasive. There is nothing like buying securities at the beginning of a bull market. The next 10 years is more likely to see a 450% return in gold than in the NASDAQ in his opinion. It has a covered writing strategy to bring up the yield.