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(A Top Pick Oct 29/19, Up 26%) Uses futures contracts, not physical gold. Gold does well in an inflationary environment.
(A Top Pick Oct 29/19, Down 1%) This is more of a diversifier. You get exposure outside Canada, and to sectors like healthcare, consumer staples, consumer discretionary. Focused on large cap companies.
(A Top Pick Oct 29/19, Up 6%) Tough go for anything equity related. Tries to find higher quality companies with good balance sheets that perform better in a drawdown.
If we start to see slowing growth, plus inflation, and so stagflation, these are inflation-protected sovereign bonds. These are government of Canada bonds. You get the yield plus inflation. Nice complement to your bond portfolio. Yield is 2.14%.
New product. The largest market in the world is OTC rates. Helps hedge against relative interest rate movements. Allows your portfolio to profit from changes in the regimes of growth, volatility and inflation. Yield is 3.62%.