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(A Top Pick Oct 14/11. Up 10.17%.) Good dividend and last year they did increase it. Likes the sector for its defensive nature. With the Cdn$ above par, it is not a bad time to accumulate this one. Important to have healthcare exposure.
(A Top Pick Oct 14/11.) His clients have from 25% to 40% in cash positions.
(A Top Pick Oct 14/11. Down 13.68%.) Views this as insurance. Feels gold shares are undervalued relative to bullion. With this one, you stay in Canadian dollars so you don’t have to take any currency risks. Reasonably diversified and the top 10 names account for 70% of the basket. Starting to pay a modest yield.
Preferred Series I. This is the re-set preferred which will either be called by the company for redemption in 2015 or re-set and the dividend going forward at that juncture will be the five-year Canada bond +2.85%.
Trading at about 12X expected earnings. Good diversified operations including research pharmaceutical side, own Sandos, the #2 global generic pharmaceutical company, into the vaccine space as well as eye care space. Getting faster growth in emerging economies. 3.7% yield.