Drummond Brodeur
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Latest Top Picks

Wii games/products. A company that has redefined what the game space is all about. Trading at about only 14X earnings. 5% dividend yield. Hugely defensive and in a very strong space in the product development cycle.
(Hong Kong exchange.) Worlds largest sourcing company and one of the best-managed companies in Asia. Supply a thought of the private label goods for JCPenney, Kroger, etc. Traditionally whenever there is a slowdown in the economy of the Europe and US, outsourcing increases. Trading at about 16X earnings. Strong balance sheet and 4% dividend yield.
(Malaysia exchange.) Cellular-based company. 10% earnings growth. Have huge net cash on the balance sheet and management has said they don't want cash on the balance sheet and it should be returned to shareholders. 6% dividend yield plus a special dividend each year. Expects to continue to get a 10% yield each year.
(A Top Pick July 24/07. Down 10%.) Got hit in the market downturn but Japan fundamentals are the same as they have always been. Not worried about their financial system. This was a defensive move. Would be looking to switch out of Japan and into China for the growth going forward in the 2nd half.
(A Top Pick July 24/07. Down 21%.) This was a way to get into Asia in a diversified way. If you want an ETF into China this is a pretty good entry point if you feel China will grow.