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Stock Opinions by Geoff Houlton

Sophiris Bio
A drug that corrects complications that occur with the prostrate and prostrate cancer. Entering phase 2 clinical trials, has large market opportunities. Have done safety studies. In good shape regarding their cash position.
Consumer Products
Has raised capital. Produces a hand held company to assist primary care physicians, to help electronic prescribing. It doesn’t cost the physician anything. The company is doing very well.
electrical / electronic
Has done tremendously well. They focus on wound care products, and coatings for products. The company has tremendous potential, they signed a deal with a large British company. Great opportunity, going to do well going forward.
medical services
A very interesting company. Has an animal health product, human health products focused on bladder cancer and a vaccine for cattle. Likes the company, has existing products (short-term revenue stream) and has future opportunity and a potential blockbuster product. A significant opportunity.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Microbix Biosystems
Been around for a long time. Has a broad range of technologies. Have recently signed licensed for Virusmax, which can double the yield of virus production for vaccinations. Bull semen-sexing technology. Have some very interesting technologies. Watching it very closely. Like the company.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Focuses on providing software for doctors, directed at Primary physicians. Have lots of new products coming through. Great opportunity.
computer software / processing
YM BioSciences
Recently suffered when phase 3 testing failed. Has cash in the bank, has a long runway (cash on a burn rate). Have 2 products in phase 3, one of which is approved in India and China. Great opportunities. Way undervalued.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
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