Allan Jacobs
Member since: Oct '07
Director of Small-Cap Investments at
Sprott Asset Management Inc.

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Non-prime mortgage lending market. Have had ROE of over 20% 20 years in a row. EPS has grown 25% per annum compound. Trading at only 8X this year's earnings. Also pays a dividend.
Gas producer with some liquids. Gas is a tough market, but liquids does help a lot. Costs are very low. Have several properties that have much higher net backs than others. Huge inventory of wells to drill. Cheap.
bought gold assets in Botswana from Iamgold (IMG-T). Was fairly high cost at $900 an ounce but negotiated a good price. Will earn its share price in less than 2 years. In production with 50,000 ounces a year. 6-7 year reserve life with a lot of exploration potential. Extremely cheap.
(A Top Pick Nov 24/09. Up 381.82%.) Still likes.
(A Top Pick Nov 24/09. Down 55.92%.) Sold his holdings in early 2010.