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(A Top Pick May 14/18, Up 4%) This is a space that continues to grow. He likes that people are coming to their ecosystem.
(A Top Pick May 14/18, Up 13%) It is a baby AMZN-Q. Connecting unique sellers with buyers. This is an interesting play, trading at half the multiple of AMZN-Q. It actually makes money.
(A Top Pick May 14/18, Down 21%) It had a tough go since he was on. He continues to believe it is one of the best plays to get exposure to bit coin. It is a well run company.
They focus on the Chinese market for online education tutoring. It is like a community college. They are the largest and have been involved for a very long time. (Analysts’ target: $12.00).
He is a fan of properties in Asia. As long as people move up that wealth curve, their properties continue to be worth more and more. (Analysts’ target: 29.76).