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Gold, silver and copper in Baja Mexico. Moving up to the #1 position in his portfolio. Believes they are in the process of a major, major gold discovery.
Silver producer in Durango Mexico. Sees silver prices being very explosive in the next 6 months. Sees this one as an amazing cash flow story and will give great leverage to the share price. Great value.
Recently purchased a zinc mill and with zinc prices coming back up, they will put the mill back online in the next couple of months. Will be very profitable. With the profits, they will be able to develop their advanced stage gold projects.
They have in situ value property that is probably worth $55 billion. The rock is worth $55 a ton and they can mine it for $10-$11. Feels they will get their permit this year and they do, it's the $10 plus stock.
They have a combination oil/gas projects that are producing revenue as well as a tremendous amount of mineral properties in Papua New Guinea and base metal in Uganda. Also recently got a concession for oil/gas in Rwanda.