Andrew Guy, CFA
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Sentry Select Capital Corp.

Latest Top Picks

This and Toronto Dominion (TD-T) (See Past Top Picks) are the 2 best managed Canadian banks. At this time, this one is the better pick because of the diversification of its assets and the strong management.
Great history on dividends. Double digits, about 50% annual return on dividend growth. Allows you to participate in the recovery of the financial sector through the assets they own. Very well run.
Very good long-term business. Double-digit return on capital. Consistent 10% a year dividend growth. Attractive level. Owns Business Week, a number of TV channels and publishes schoolbooks. Also owns S&P 500.
(A Top Pick Oct 14/08. Up 18.27%.) This and Royal Bank (RY-T) are the 2 most consistent performers in Canadian banks. (See Top Picks.) Increased its dividend in the later part of last year. US assets have done very well.
(A Top Pick Oct 14/08. Up 23.38%.) World's largest generic drug company. Also have some branded drugs that are doing very well.