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Stock Opinions by Lorne Steinberg


Silicon Valley Bank could be the first chapter of an ugly story for the regional banking industry. Its failure could cause confidence problems in some regional banks with corporations pulling back from the extra yield and putting money in the safer major banks like JP Morgan even though the interest rate is less. However this is nothing like the financial crisis of 2008. The large central banks are in excellent shape with much stronger regulation than the regional banks. TD is under some pressure because of its ownership of Schwab, but there is no need to worry since it is one of the top U.S. banks and in great financial shape. The situation with SVB could make one re-think the whole industry.


A lot of corporations and sectors are already reflecting the higher cost of borrowing and one outcome might be the Fed slowing down the pace of rate increases. This would be positive for the markets. The market expects rate increases and the economy to slow down so there are a lot attractively priced stocks now.


It made a lot of deals where buses were sold at fixed prices but its costs are higher now due to supply chain issues. The company will survive but has to re-negotiate with its banks, which is always painful. It is a good company in a bad situation, therefore look elsewhere.


It pays a 7% dividend but has incredible competition in the U.S. With only 1 to 2% revenue growth, look elsewhere. The sector is better in Canada.

telephone utilities

It is the premier property casualty company in the U.S. Over the past decade it has had double digit dividend growth, huge share buybacks, great cash flow and a very disciplined approach. It is an incredible asset allocator and also cheap. Its 3 1/2% dividend could double over time. The stock is down a little due to supply chain issues which increases the costs to fix houses and cars, but these issues are temporary. An app that tracks driving habits can give the client a discount but it gives the company a strong picture of those habits.


He owns the five Canadian big banks. Although new mortgages will be down he is not particularly concerned about it. TD is more of a retail bank which is good in these times. Also it is one of the top ten banks in the U.S.

Altria Group Inc

Its only attraction is a dividend yield of 8%. It made a bad acquisition and has under-performed the food and tobacco industry.


The question was on both CN and CP He owns and likes both. Although they are economically sensitive, rail is the cheapest mode of transportation for a number of goods and they are well positioned. CP has entered into an agreement to acquire Kansas City Southern and would become the only railway with lines through all three of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Brookfield Corp

The people running it are very bright and are great at creating shareholder value. They are masters at buying up and using debt. They had two defaults on holdings in California but they knew what they were doing and it was not a problem for them financially.

investment companies / funds
Eli Lilly & Co.

The whole drug industry has been under pressure for the past 30 years and is having more and more trouble coming up with new drugs. R&D costs are increasing so he doesn't like the pharmaceutical industry in general. In response to a question regarding the currency component he doesn't feel it is an issue.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical

It has always been over-leveraged and is still that way today. It has had to dump positions just to stay afloat. It is in a decent place with the jet business but not enough to warrant buying it.

transportation equip & components
Adobe Systems
(A Top Pick Apr 06/22, Down 26%)

It has been under pressure due to a $20 billion acquisition which could be blocked. It is a phenomenal company with great free cash flow and trading at 20X earnings.

computer software / processing
Kering SA
(A Top Pick Apr 06/22, Up 1%)

China closing up caused a drop in sales but it is re-opening and the Chinese people are huge buyers of luxury goods. It has big growth ahead and lots of free cash flow. It is also very good at turning brands around.

Middleby Corp.
(A Top Pick Apr 06/22, Down 6%)

It makes and services equipment for restaurants, a great niche business. It is the best and largest in its field. The services part does particularly well. 

Wells Fargo

He prefers the large central banks. He feels that depositors will pull money out of regional banks and place it in the large mega banks even at lower rates.. This could lead to more centralization of the banks in the U.S.

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