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Impeccably well positions after their large acquisition. Loves pharmacies since they will offer more and more services. Trading at 10x earnings and currently paying down debts. Free cashflow is great. Expects double digit earnings growth for one of the premier healthcare company in the US. A growth company at 10x earnings is very cheap. (Analysts’ price target is $85.63)
A secular growth story. One of the best in the space with amazing franchises. They have Madden, Fifa, Star Wars among others. They use their massive cashflow to buy back shares and increase their offering. They initiated a dividend during covid, which is compelling. The dividend should grow at a high rate for a long time. (Analysts’ price target is $149.08)
Ran into trouble with ROE being subpar and some scandals. They are now back in business and are well positioned. It has one of the best investment banking business, and growing their wealth management business. Trading at 10x earnings when it should be trading around 15x earnings. A cheap play and one of his favourite financials. (Analysts’ price target is $329.58)
(A Top Pick Jan 30/20, Down 4%) It has come back in a huge way. They will be a massive beneficiary of the return on spending in leisure and travel. Expects an all time high for them. Remains a good holding. Their market is still upper bands of credit cards and they make a healthy amount from annual fees even if some retails may not accept them.
(A Top Pick Jan 30/20, Down 2%) A major brand under them is Gucci. They were surprisingly not hurt last year due to switching to online efficiently. Revenues also held up well since people spent their travel budget into luxury goods. Their strength is picking up tired brands and then rejuvenating them. Great cashflow with a bullet proof balance sheet. They will make more acquisitions of brands that are cheap and invest in them. A cheap grower.