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(A Top Pick May 07/18, Down 16%) Global banks have been hit hard by an inverted yield curve and lower interest rates, but MS is cheap at 9x earnings. He expects double-digit growth ahead. They're raising their dividend and buying back shares. MS is the largest wealth manager in America. Boasts a PE below 10x.
(A Top Pick May 07/18, Down 1%) They benefit from higher oil prices right now. Pays a solid yield of 5.5%. Cash flows are growing. Surprisingly, RDS is one of the largest investors in renewable energy which will well-position them in the decades to come.
(A Top Pick May 07/18, Down 8%) A Japanese electronics company. It took a downdraft in late 2018, but its valuation is insane with no debt. You're buying the company for less than working capital. It's worth more than double the current share price. It trades at 7x earnings with a solid dividend.
He hasn't recommended a Canadian bank in a while. BNS has long been under pressure from their Latin America operations, but the growth rate of that has been a huge 14%. Now is a great entry point. Pays a 5% yield. Today, they're selling operations in the Caribbean, a weak link. They've made big purchases in wealth management which will pay off. A great defensive. (Analysts’ price target is $80.07)
A defensive stock. Expects surprising growth. (Analysts’ price target is $60.45)