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(A Top Pick Dec 05/18, Up 29%) Remains a cheap stock. They're the best in P&E insurance and executes very well. Consumers aren't making claims on car accidents, fearing higher rates. Allstate is firing on all cylinders and trading cheaply. They've bought back half shares and raise their dividend every year.
(A Top Pick Dec 05/18, Up 31%) They used to make personal care products, but now make healthcare tech products and gaining market share. Managers have executed very well, transforming the company to higher-margin products.
(A Top Pick Dec 05/18, Up 14%) Trades at a cheap valuation in the cheapest market in the world. Japanese companies pays a higher dividend yield than the S&P 500. Espec delivers strong growth for a Japanese company. Japan has no immigration so growth is zero, but this is slowly changing. Japan has many great industrial businesses. Companies as a whole are starting to buyback shares and raise dividends, prodded by the government (see top picks).
They just did a huge acquisition, Aetna, and took on a lot of debt. CVS is well-positioned, because they cover the pharmacy side and pharma benefits sides. They will help reduce US medical costs. It trades at a cheap 10x earnings and boasts big dividend growth. A really cheap stock in any market. (Analysts’ price target is $80.73)
The Malaysian issue which could cost them several billions. Trades at a cheap 10x earnings and offers fantastic earnings and dividends growth. It's the last bank in derivatives which offer great margins. (Analysts’ price target is $242.13)