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(A Top Pick Jun 26/19, Down 15%) None of the top 5 Canadian banks has ever cut dividends. These banks are in great shape and can weather this storm. Half of BNS' loans are insured. Bank amendments benefit the banks and not non-bank lenders.
(A Top Pick Jun 26/19, Down 15%) He sold. He liked only a part of the new proposed Dow.
(A Top Pick Jun 26/19, Up 4%) This is the music business, not the motorbikes. It has held up very well. He expects earnings to rebound a lot in 2021. A core holding. It's very undervalued. Japan as a whole has bounced back and is bifurcated like other markets.
The world is shifting away from cash payments. They just did a deal with WeChat Pay, a big part of the Chinese economy One of the best value stocks he owns given its huge free cash flow, though Visa is one of the most expensive on a PE basis. Visa is incredibly entrenched and can survive rival payment systems. (Analysts’ price target is $204.35)
Price target: 2,000 Yen An unknown niche Japanese company. Boasts zero debt and pays a near 4% dividend yield. Trades at a very cheap valuation. Creates fine shareholder value.