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(A Top Pick Oct 02/18, Up 20%) And it still looks cheap. It is so well positioned globally. Earnings are rising double digits. The dividend is growing and he thinks this will continue. They have been able to handle the low interest rate environment so well and continue to generate earnings growth.
(A Top Pick Oct 02/18, Down 7%) It has been weak like the global banking sector. Most other banks have gotten out of derivatives trading, that most people don’t understand. By staying in that business they will derive fantastic profits in that area. They are a cash machine and are buying back stock over time.
(A Top Pick Oct 02/18, Down 7%) Japanese small caps have been very poor performers although this one does not reflect that bad a performance. It is incredibly cheap. It sells manufacturing processes to car manufacturing.
A great global business. A bit boring, but not worries about a big drug coming off patent. He expects healthy dividend growth over time. (Analysts’ price target is $52.00)
They don’t have the Monsanto issues. People don’t want to buy GMO foods but the fact is that it is how we feed places like India and China where people used to die of starvation when there were droughts. He expects earnings growth of 15% for the next few years. It will get better over the next few years. (Analysts’ price target is $32.81)