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(A Top Pick Aug 15/19, Up 36%) They just came out with great earnings. It trades at 10 times earnings and 2.7% yield. He is still a very happy owner.
(A Top Pick Aug 15/19, Down 38%) He sold this about a month ago on the basis of them exiting all energy stocks. A great company, but they created an earthquake when they cut dividends for the first time since WWII. The whole sector is under incredible pressure.
(A Top Pick Aug 15/19, Down 2%) He still owns this. They are an electronic manufacturer. The stock has recovered well and trades still at a single-digit multiple and below book value. He is absolutely sticking with it.
They bought their first shares of this just very recently. Warren Buffet is very much not in favour with his investment style and investors were disappointed when they did not acquire anything during the market meltdown. Now is a perfect to time to buy a collection of wonderful private and public companies at the most attractive valuation -- 1.2 times book value. They also have a large cash position and not much debt. Apple has been the most successful investment they made in the past several years -- representing over 1/3 of the portfolio value. He is not concerned about the concentration in Apple. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $221.00)
A yogurt play that just added a lactose intolerant product. Now a diversified business model. They have a strong dividend and growing earnings. The dividend is rock solid. An excellent investment trading a cheap price. Yield 3.48% (Analysts’ price target is $68.46)