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(A Top Pick Aug 01/18, Down 16%) 3.5% dividend. It has done a great job but is only trading at 9 times earnings. It is a defensive stock and he is happy to own it. There is more upside than downside.
(A Top Pick Aug 01/18, Down 33%) It is suffering by like every European financial. The dividend is 8% even paying out only half their earnings. 7 times multiple. Negative interest rates mean they charge depositors to hold cash. Their earnings have not been impacted.
(A Top Pick Aug 01/18, Down 15%) It is trading at a 30% discount to book value and has no debt. It has one of the longest track records of raising dividends. It is just an incredibly cheap global agriculture small cap company.
It is getting tainted by the same brush from flattened yield curves / declining interest rates. However it has less exposure to interest rates than most large US banks. It is the largest wealth manager. You can buy it with a multiple of 9 and a growing dividend and earnings. It is worth 50% more over three years. (Analysts’ price target is $53.26)
It is less of an oil stock and more of an energy company. 10 years from now it could be one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world. They know what the future is. You get a 6% plus dividend yield that is covered by cash flow. They will be profitable at $40 oil in 5 years. The company is built for the future. (Analysts’ price target is $79.65)