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(A Top Pick Mar 26/19, Down 18%) He sold it in September.
(A Top Pick Mar 26/19, Down 26%) They have done an excellent job and have a great yield. It is worth double where it is trading. It is a takeout candidate. He would stick with it and would rather they did not sell.
(A Top Pick Mar 26/19, Down 14%) A great little Japanese company. It has held up well in a disastrous environment. It is not very economically sensitive due to government contracts. It should do well.
The premier property casualty company in North America. They are not subject to low interest rates because they reset their prices every year. 10 times earnings and double digit growth for the last decade. It is on sale today. Minimal impact from CoVid19. (Analysts’ price target is $124.25)
It is being impacted by CoVid19 because sales are down in China and fewer travelers aren't buying them. They have great brands, margins and solid dividend growth. They should do well in a recessionary environment. It is a great opportunity to get into a great business that has been too expensive for a while. (Analysts’ price target is $179.61)