Chris Rankin, MBA, CFA
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Diversified Trust Analyst at
Canaccord Capital

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The company does real estate services eg. property taxes, evaluations etc. The demand profile looks fantastic. The company just bought a large, busines property in the UK. The company will benefit when the banks are doing evaluation of assets.
This company makes drains and just bought a cement company. Infrastructures and roads across the country are up. He believes that it has a lot of upside and has bought some himself. Believes it may go 20% higher. Currently has a 9.3% yield.
He likes this trust a lot. He has bought some recently and is happy to own it. He only buys when he thinks he can make 20% or higher. Canadian Helicopters brings people up to remote sites in the mining industry by helicopters. The demand profile looks great.
(Up 22.4% since Sept. 25 2006) He owns it currently and thinks it is great. Management team has a good reputation. It is down for now, but feels it will go higher.
(Up 21.7% since Sept. 2006)He does not own any more. He likes the shoe store. Believes it is a reasonable place to have money invested. Also, believes it is fairly valued. 8.5% yield