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Top Short Has not seen anything to prove to him that they have any sort of proprietary technology and yet there is so much built into the stock. Had declining revenues and operating losses for several years. No clear technology advantage over anyone. Doesn't think they can deliver on any of their contracts.
Potash play. A very large extremely profitable potash project in West Africa, Magminerals will be spun out as an independent company and will be valued about $4 per share giving a huge premium on today's price. Also have residual operations of forestry and power generation worth about $1.50. Gives close to $5.50/$6 per share of value. You won't capture all this as it will probably trade at discount, but it gives a huge upside from the current price.
Huge coal asset. Assets are in Botswana but the company is serving an electricity-starved market of South Africa. Have huge negotiating power and will probably be locking in a contract and allow them to build their power plant at very profitable levels. The power business will be worth $26-$30 a share. In addition to the power business, they have enormous residual coal reserves that will make a very profitable standalone operation.
(A Top Pick Nov 17/06. Down 1%.) Acquired by Penn West Energy (PWT.UN-T)
(A Top Pick Nov 17/06. Note change.) When it converts over to a corporate structure, it will be able to maintain its level of distribution. A fabulous target for private equity.