Peter Hofstra
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Vice President and Portfolio Manager at
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Chinese-based solar panel manufacturer. Want to participate in the new Ontario feed-in tariff program and have a new Kitchener head office. With feed-in declines this industry is growing very effectively so solar is doing fine and this is a good company.
Involved in semiconductors and solar. Seeing a strong recovery in IT and solar was the first of the energy sector to recover well so this will trickle down to the equipment market in this company should really come along. Lots of liquidity and great balance sheet.
Early-stage company. Have taken a Lockheed technology and adapted it for the wind turbine market. Forward-looking lasers that can measure wind direction and speed ahead of time. Also have handheld devices for use on yachts. High risk.
(A Top Pick Mar 24/09. Down 19.67%.) Still a Buy.
(A Top Pick Mar 24/09. Down 12.69%.) Still a Buy.