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Expect it to continue to move. A real cash cow and doesn't need CapX. All Canadian, so you don't have the foreign exchange exposure. They'll be consolidators in the loyalty program space.
Management is gaining credibility. Have been making some acquisitions that have turned out well.
The biggest residential REIT in the country. Mainly in Alberta. Vacancy rates have been going up and rents have been coming down, so it's been tough on residential REITs. At some point housing prices are going to get to a level that it's more economical to rent rather than buy. Trades at about net asset value, so it's cheap.
Most energy stocks are fairly valued in the E & P companies, but this one hasn't gone up nearly as much as the others. More of a defensive oil with their refineries and retail. Feels that production will be up next year by about 5% and 10% the following year.
A blue chip in the trust sector. Payout ratio is getting down to around 55% which means it has a lot of extra cash to invest and exploitation which is very profitable when energy prices are so high. Down the road they are going to have to increase distributions.