Challenges with supply chains for last 2 years. Continues to strengthen partnership with GNC, largest distributor of nutritional supplements. Announced 10 new products today. Also sells on AMZN.
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It covers the plant-based nutritional market. The CEO built up a previous company and successfully sold it. It has partnered with GNC which should support its rollout of products. Had challenges during Covid but is doing better now. Has possibilities with Amazon, Costco and Walmart.
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Meat based nutritional supplement business mostly in the USA. Founder has successful track record of building companies. Relationship with GNC that has helped. Not profitable yet and has been burning cash. Expecting further growth going forward as looking into relationship with Amazon.

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(A Top Pick Oct 15/21, Down 93%) They make plant-based health supplements. They've had supply chain problems and issues with GNC, their biggest vendor, but all those have been resolved. He believes they can recover in the next 3-4 years, though it's a long way back. Has faith in the management team.
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Plant based supplements. Owns and has been a past pick. It is challenging now but the supply chain issues have been solved on new products. Has a deal with GMC which is a great stamp of approval. Wait to see how the GMC contract works out - GMC will gain some equity ownership. Also watch to see how much direct selling can increase since there is a much higher margin there. It should continue to grow its partnership with Amazon and there should be new products coming out as well as several news announcements. The stock has probably bottomed.
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It is developing and building a plant based nutritional company. It had some challenges with getting products up and running. Pushing ahead with GNC and then Walmart. It also had products on Amazon but they sold out and will have to replenish. Not in Canada yet. One to watch - it is in the second inning and should go much higher over the years. Expect the business to be sold eventually.
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Stock price has fallen off from recent high. Supplement market is $300 billion in USA. Management team led by former NFL player with track record in industry. Supply chain issues have been hard on the company, but company appears to have solved problem. Anticipating $20-30MM sales next year (would suggest a low trading multiple at the moment).

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Excited by what the future holds. Like many others, challenges due to Covid. Starting to execute well. Deals with AMZN, GNC and soon-to-be WMT. Consumers are very interested in the space. Just raised cash. A buyout target over the next few years.
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Still really likes it. As a small cap, didn't do well this year. Tax-loss selling in December, now stabilized. Business plans got delayed, but now on track for 2022. Should be able to secure front-of-store shelf space. Working on AMZN relationship.
Consumer Products
Plant based nutrition company. Has not had much on the nutritional sport supplement side for plant-based nutrition. CEO knows the industry very well. Plant based protein powders and nutritional supplements. Getting a lot of uptake through GME. Going on Amazon soon. Right at the start of the move up.
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What is PlantFuel Life Inc. stock symbol?

PlantFuel Life Inc. is a Canadian stock, trading under the symbol FUEL-CN on the Canadian Securities Exchange (). It is usually referred to as or FUEL-CN

Is PlantFuel Life Inc. a buy or a sell?

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