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The experts generally agree that good natured Products is showing promising signs of recovery, with a strong management team that has delivered on their promises. The company's biodegradable packaging business is gaining traction, although the industrial production side has seen a decline. However, there is an expectation for growth in this segment as well. The company has undergone massive cost-cutting and is pushing revenue up, making it an attractive takeover candidate. Overall, the outlook for the company is positive and there is potential for further growth.


He holds the debentures, but not the stock. Management has executed as promised. Biodegradable packaging is gaining tons of traction. Industrial side has declined, now starting to recover. Massive cost-cutting. Pushing revenue up to a level that makes it an attractive takeover candidate.


Strong management team that has performed well.
Consistent organic growth with smart M&A.
Capital markets have overlooked sector & this company.
Debt has been a concern that market does not like.
Biodegradable packaging business line growing.
Industrial production portion has been in decline, but expecting growth.

It specializes in biodegradable plant based products for packaging. The management team has done really well and has delivered exactly like they said. It is expecting 100% growth, 50% organically and 50% by acquisition, in fact it made one today. It is cross selling products as well as new products. It is part of the move away from using pure plastics for packaging. The stock got ahead of itself , has fallen back and you can expect it to do well. He doesn't own the stock itself but owns the debentures.
Biodegradable packaging. Growing organically and via acquisition. Recent numbers were quite good and achieved all goals, but the stock price doesn't reflect that. Bank is examining its covenants, an overhang. He owns the convertible debentures.
(A Top Pick Dec 08/20, Down 39%) Frustrating. Management has executed well. Grow by acquisition and organically. Raised money via convertible debentures. Tax-loss selling put pressure on. The new year should show if integration has been successful. He owns the debentures, not the stock.
(A Top Pick Dec 08/20, Down 26%) Has not had a lot of interest in small and mid cap companies. Recently bottomed and moving up now. Announced a new partnership with a big food company in the US. Would stick with it with the momentum coming back. Underlying business is strong.
Share price has dropped almost 50% from highs. Business is growing organically and by acquisition. With time, market will look at the growth rate and the stock will appreciate. Be patient. Revenue growth more important than EBITDA right now.
A past recommendation. There's been a sideways consolidation, yet managers are executing perfectly with acquisitions, then cross-selling old with new products to generate organic growth with acquisition growth. Valuation is cheap. It's pulled back and gone sideways this year, but he expects it to rise again.
He participated in their financing -- disclosure. They do green packaging and grow organically and by buying smaller companies at a stellar 1x sales. Then, they cross-sell their product lines to these new companies. They just announced a new line of compostable, microwavable containers in a time when there's a lot of take-out food. A lot of existing containers harm the environment, but this line won't. They aim to double revenues each year. They have a good balance sheet and can buy companies. It's a past top pick.
Growing organically and through acquisitions. Aims to grow revenue at 100% rate. Over time, it should go higher. Recent market volatility has pushed the smaller companies around. Great entry point.

Billy Kawasaki’s Insights - Billy’s most-liked answers from 5i Research. The growth has been impressive but the base remains small. The stock price has doubled this year and is currently trading at 20x sales. The stock is probably ahead of itself. Largely driven by sentiment than by fundamentals. Unlock Premium - Try 5i Free

This sector has tons of tailwinds. People want to minimize packaging, which is GDNP's business which makes plant-based food containers. In 2020, they grew 50/50 between organic and acquisition. They buy a company and cross-sell products to increase their revenues. They grew revenues by 70% last year. They've been buying companies in the last year and are targeting more. They've raised money well in capital markets. The company is under the radar of institutions, but this will change which in turn will boost the stock. (Analysts’ price target is $1.65)
TOP PICK They make plant-based packaging which is environmentally friendly. He just entered this. Their managers have been building their platform. They just made an acquisition of Integrated Packing for synergy, including a new client base to sell products to. They plan to grow by buy acquisition and organically through new products; they've just started this path of growth. Expect this formula to continue of acquiring and synergy. (Analysts’ price target is $0.45)
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What is good natured Products stock symbol?

good natured Products is a Canadian stock, trading under the symbol GDNP-X on the TSX Venture Exchange (GDNP-CV). It is usually referred to as TSXV:GDNP or GDNP-X

Is good natured Products a buy or a sell?

In the last year, 1 stock analyst published opinions about GDNP-X. 1 analyst recommended to BUY the stock. 0 analysts recommended to SELL the stock. The latest stock analyst recommendation is . Read the latest stock experts' ratings for good natured Products .

Is good natured Products a good investment or a top pick?

good natured Products was recommended as a Top Pick by on . Read the latest stock experts ratings for good natured Products .

Why is good natured Products stock dropping?

Earnings reports or recent company news can cause the stock price to drop. Read stock experts’ recommendations for help on deciding if you should buy, sell or hold the stock.

Is good natured Products worth watching?

1 stock analyst on Stockchase covered good natured Products In the last year. It is a trending stock that is worth watching.

What is good natured Products stock price?

On 2024-05-29, good natured Products (GDNP-X) stock closed at a price of $0.03.