Mettrum Health Corp

Marijuana. Canopy has just gone through a billion dollars of capitalization. We are in a very newsy area for these stocks. The US election resulted in a few states voting on legalizing it. He fears that a lot of the news is already in the stocks. We might be creating a bit of a bubble. The industry will grow at a double digit rate for years to come. A consolidation has to come to this sector.

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Mettrum Health Corp

One of the marijuana stocks, and likes it because its larger brother Canopy (CGC-T) gets all the air time, and in his view this is a lot better value. They have a huge number of patients and are doing a good job of building the company. The real play is going to be next year when the government opens up the recreational market.

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Mettrum Health Corp

The medical marijuana space is very interesting. Most of these companies came out a year ago, and there were lots and lots of excitement around them. Then investors started realizing it wasn’t panning out as fast as expected, so the stocks drifted down. He has very, very small positions in this one, Organigram (OGI-X) and Afria (?). Has spread this around because he is not very sure at this time who is going to be the leader and who is not. Still too early. He would not invest in just one company, but would take a basket approach.

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Mettrum Health Corp is a OTC stock, trading under the symbol MT-X on the (). It is usually referred to as or MT-X

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