(A Top Pick March 1/12. Up 137.46%.) Being taken over by a Chinese company. Sold his position.


Downstream processor in the lithium carbonate segment. Have received an all cash offer of $6.50 from Rockwood Holdings (ROC-N), which is a pretty rich premium. There is always a possibility that a company like SNC Corp could also be interested but he thinks it would be very challenging for them to match this offer. He will probably be tendering his holdings to Rockwood.

Operates in Australia and is a worlds biggest producer of lithium. IPads, iPhones and Blackberries all use lithium batteries, which has been the big driver over the last 10 years or so. Recently doubled production capacity on budget. Hugely undervalued.
Biggest global producer of lithium. Profitable. Making real cash flow in earnings. Expanding to double their capacity by the middle of this year. There is a lot of hype on electric cars, which he thinks is over done but the real growth is in portable devices.
Producer of lithium concentrate in Australia. Lithium is a key gradient for batteries. There is a growing trend towards lithium ion batteries. Not getting the valuation that it should. Likes its location as regards to China. Expecting good earnings momentum this year.
One of the biggest lithium producers outside of China. Main use of lithium is for batteries but they are trying to broaden its applications. Acquired some assets in South America. If he owned any lithium names, this would probably be it. He is not as bullish on lithium as some others.
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Talison Lithium Ltd. is a OTC stock, trading under the symbol TLH-T on the (). It is usually referred to as or TLH-T

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