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Experts are divided on the prospects of Cameco Corp. (US) with some touting it as the best uranium play, while others are hesitant due to its speculative nature and the challenges facing the uranium industry. The company has seen a significant rally in the past 3 months, but concerns remain about the feasibility of building new nuclear reactors. Overall, the future of Cameco Corp. (US) is uncertain, with both potential for growth and significant risks.

Fair Value
Cameco Corp. (US)

The best uranium play, and investors now want to invest in uranium.

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Cameco Corp. (US)

Too speculative though he missed the 21% rally over the past 3 months. Already uranium stocks a headwind in that it's almost impossible to build a nuclear reactor, though some will disagree.

integrated mines
Cameco Corp. (US)
options It's hitting 52-week highs. Today saw a buyer of 4,000 of the September 32 calls, bought at $4.60, and hedged that by selling the 40 calls against it.
integrated mines
Cameco Corp. (US)
A uranium play. This is blowing up to the upside. It was below 20 in February, now pushing 30 and will keep going. The market is buying 25,000 April 35 calls.
integrated mines
Cameco Corp. (US)
World's largest freestanding uranium play. The alternative energy that has been most proven out is nuclear.
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Cameco Corp. (US)(CCJ-N) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cameco Corp. (US) stock symbol?

Cameco Corp. (US) is a American stock, trading under the symbol CCJ-N on the New York Stock Exchange (CCJ). It is usually referred to as NYSE:CCJ or CCJ-N

Is Cameco Corp. (US) a buy or a sell?

In the last year, 2 stock analysts published opinions about CCJ-N. 1 analyst recommended to BUY the stock. 1 analyst recommended to SELL the stock. The latest stock analyst recommendation is . Read the latest stock experts' ratings for Cameco Corp. (US).

Is Cameco Corp. (US) a good investment or a top pick?

Cameco Corp. (US) was recommended as a Top Pick by on . Read the latest stock experts ratings for Cameco Corp. (US).

Why is Cameco Corp. (US) stock dropping?

Earnings reports or recent company news can cause the stock price to drop. Read stock experts’ recommendations for help on deciding if you should buy, sell or hold the stock.

Is Cameco Corp. (US) worth watching?

2 stock analysts on Stockchase covered Cameco Corp. (US) In the last year. It is a trending stock that is worth watching.

What is Cameco Corp. (US) stock price?

On 2024-04-17, Cameco Corp. (US) (CCJ-N) stock closed at a price of $48.41.