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New Watch List, Editors and More

New Stockchase Watch List, New Editors and More Enhancements We’ve been hard at work in the last weeks to enhance Stockchase further and fix a few problems that were sticking around on the site... more



Paraphrasing Robert McWhirter

The TSX has been on a run lately. There's a lot more to come. The recent run-up is largely due to the rise in oil prices. XEG has another 8% upside. A slow-down in production by Venezuela is one reason. He's buying more oil. He guesses 15-20% more room to...Read More

Paraphrasing Jon Vialoux

Market Outlook. This is historically the part of the year when you want to become more defensive. Typically, that means going to bonds. This year we are in a rising interest rate environment so maybe you don’t want to be there as inflation still keeps...Read More

Paraphrasing Jon Vialoux

Timing the market is not a good idea as most experts but seasonal investing seems to work  -  He runs the website so he is for it, but he just wouldn’t advocate anybody to do it. Seasonality should be seen as a tail wind for stocks...Read More

Paraphrasing Kash Pashootan

Rising Interest Rates did not do any harm since January.  Why not buy dividend stocks today?  Some are interest sensitive names.  He owns some, knowing interest rates are going up.  Many are negative year to date.  EMA-T, for example, down 14% YTD. ...Read More

Paraphrasing Kash Pashootan

Is GOLD a secure investment all year round?  Gold is not a safe investment.  It carries volatility and risk.  You can lose lots of money.  You need to hold it and not trade it and you need to hold it in the right cycle.  He feels this is a right cycle. ...Read More

Paraphrasing Kash Pashootan

Canadian Banks – Buy?  Which names?  At some point we have to go through a credit cycle reset.  He owns them but he is light.  Those more leveraged to the Canadian credit markets are trading at lower valuations.  He owns CM-T, for example, who have...Read More