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The New Stockchase

Hey Stock Chasers!  We are happy to announce that Wealthica, a Fintech startup created by mega-successful iWeb trio, offering Canadian investors a consolidated view of their net worth, announces... more



Paraphrasing Daniel Lloyd

Market. Going into the year, he underestimated the potential for equities to advance. Was too bearish, so too cautious. The US economy continues to surprise him to the upside. Europe appears to be improving. Financials conditions are still at record easy...Read More

Paraphrasing Daniel Straus

Market.  Every year he wonders if we will plateau in ETF inflows or will we break records and it looks like we are headed to break records again this year.  There are about 640 ETFs in Canada now.  There are more to come including actively managed ones. ...Read More

Paraphrasing Daniel Straus

US$ Investments in Telecoms.  Today’s telecom is not like your granddaddies telecom.  They could then deliver stable dividends and returns.  There will be a lot of shifts to that classification.  Over the next year there will be a shakeup in how telecom...Read More

Paraphrasing Daniel Straus

Canadian listed ETF to US counterpart.  Taxes, fees and so on all play a part.  US ETFs are often cheaper.  Currency is a major factor and in a Canadian ETF you may have the option of a hedged ETF. 

Paraphrasing William Chin

Market. The US economic data has been pretty good until recently when there was another downturn in capital spending. Canada is a completely different story with the 2 surprise back to back rate hikes. We are just beginning to see the full impact of those...Read More