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The New Stockchase

Hey Stock Chasers!  We are happy to announce that Wealthica, a Fintech startup created by mega-successful iWeb trio, offering Canadian investors a consolidated view of their net worth, announces... more



Paraphrasing Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

[Today's show was pre-empted by BNN's coverage of the Nabraska vote on Keystone XL Pipeline.]

Paraphrasing Hap (Robert) Sneddon FCSI

Market. Industrials, technology, financials, and materials are showing decent relative strength. The advance/decline lines have been a stubborn holdout, but this week it has turned. Everything else was already moving. When comparing the index to the advance/decline...Read More

Paraphrasing Michael Smedley

Market. He is christening this “The Year of the Repetition”. Feels we are going to see oil and gas pretty much the same. Oil and gas stocks have not really helped the market, but the rest are doing quite well. Mining is humming a bit. It’s at the lower...Read More

Paraphrasing Adam Thomas

Market.  WHY-X put out a news release that suggested someone would buy their deposit in BC.  The company surged and was halted, then the deal fell apart.  You have to be careful about this.  He cannot believe the kinds of things that go on in this market. 

Paraphrasing Alex Ruus

Market. Overall, it was a very, very strong quarter. Thinks it’s a prelude to a pretty good year to come, and continuation of this grudging bull market we’ve been in. While we are getting a few divergences on the valuation front, which is creating some...Read More