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We’re called Stockchase, our logo is all lowercase but we write it in one word with a capital “S”, no capital “C”. Some examples of how to not spell Stockchase: StockChase, stockchase, Stock Chase, Stock chase or Jelly Chase (ohh, that’s not the site, it’s the name of our logo). Please respect our usage guidelines and do not modify our logo in any way.

Recommended usage

Stockchase logo : 

Stockchase Logo

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Stockchase Logo

Stockchase text logo :

Stockchase Logo


Who’s Jelly Chase?

Our logo is a cute jellyfish we call Jelly Chase ????. Did you notice his head is a “C” shape? “C” for Chase of course. If you did not recognize it’s a jellyfish, then maybe you can see it as some kind of Pacman chasing stock charts? Whatever it looks like to you, remember Jelly Chase is always chasing new stock opinions.

If you’re curious about jellyfish, know that the box jellyfish has 24 eyes which supposedly gives this jellyfish a supernatural 360-degree vision. It actively hunts small fish at up to 2 metres per seconds. That’s almost as fast as Stockchase hunting for new stock opinions!

Learn more about jellyfish on Wikipedia !

Contact us at hello@stockchase.com for more information about recommended brand usage or about the jellyfish if you wish.

The Stockcase team