They report tomorrow. Their alternative energy business is awful, and their medical devices are held back by supply chain problems. It's hard to be a bull here.
electrical / electronic
They report tomorrow. They almost never miss, so Wall Street loves them.
food services
They report tomorrow. They face currency risks, but that's offset by new alcohol products that could move the needle. Also, Coke is better run than, say, Walmart.
food processing
They report tomorrow. E-commerce is alive and well, so these shares deserve better.
They report tomorrow after the bell. He suspects that Azure, their key cloud business, is doing very well. Shrewdly, the CEO warned of a hit from the strong USD. He wouldn't be surprised if they announce negative things about PC sales or Europe, but these shares are down 90 points from its high.
computer software / processing
They report tomorrow after the bell. They give their clients the best returns on digital ads and which don't rely on much third-party data. It has fallen by a third, so worth buying. Then again, it has not been a hot stock for ages.
Business Services
They report tomorrow. Too many dump on this stock. It's a reliable chain and shares have gotten too cheap, but wait for what McDonald's says tomorrow morning when it reports.
food services