Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Jim Cramer - Mad Money commented about whether LNTH-Q, F-N, TSLA-Q, DIS-N, NFLX-Q, CGC-N, SRE-N, U-N, FDX-N, CCI-N are stocks to buy or sell.

When rates go higher, people sell CCI. Also, there's been churn at CCI.
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It has a unique opportunity with the new CEO. He believes in this so strongly that he says you should buy it right now.
Unity doesn't make money, unlike Meta or Microsoft in tech. Unity is too speculative.
It operates in California and Texas and has an LNG terminal in Lousiana. However, some of its pipelines are in some are in Mexico, where the president may or may not nationalize the industry, and California has climate goals that could be difficult to meet. The energy grid in Texas is a disaster. For these reason, the stock has fallen from its $172 peak to $152 today. He remains positive--it pays a 3% dividend, and he sees growth.
gas utilities
Will Constellation drop Canopy? No. The CEO believes that one day cannabis will be legalized nationally. He agrees, but doesn't know when this will happen.
Their numbers last night were better than expected, but were still horrific. They lost a million subscribers last quarters. Sure, NFLX tried, but that's not enough. It drives him nuts that Wall Street still considers NFLX significant.
Netflix and Disney stocks should not be trading together. Disney is better. DIS is down 100 points from its early 2021 highs, in part because its balance sheet is ugly after stupidly paying $71 billion for the bulk of Fox's assets. However, under the new CEO, the theme parks are a juggernaut, making a fortune but nobody cares. DIS has an amazing catalogue of franchises in Star Wars and Marvel that the company has not fully tapped yet and are guaranteed to make money. Disney just released the Thor movie and it already grossed $143 million in its first weekend and to date grossed over $500 million worldwide. These Marvel sequels are basically annuities. Disney's streamer is doing just fine, perhaps not worth as much as when streaming in general was on fire a year ago, but Disney+ remains one of the must successful platforms and has room for growth. Plus, they just raised the price of ESPN+ to entice customers to buy the entire bundle.
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