Bought it for its growth. They have over 100 stores, a third of which in the US. The unit growth potential is very strong with lots of room to grow. Are opening 8-10 stores yearly. They're vertically integrated and attract a wide demographic, from ages 15-55. Share are trading under 20x forward PE with the margins depressed during this pullback. The company hasn't seen consumers spend less due to interest rates and inflation, but the market fears this could happen later. (Analysts’ price target is $57.27)
specialty stores
A very large alternative asset manager in renewables, infrastructure and other areas. It has pulled back along with other alternative asset managers. Successfully raised new money in various funds they launched, like the Global Transition Fund. BAM likes volatility, because they buy cheap, distressed hard assets at these times. In 2019, they bought Oak Tree Capital which specializes in credit; this allowed synergy and doubled their client base. (Analysts’ price target is $86.17)
management / diversified
It's a way to play the airline recovery, because they service planes, while we see a ramp-up in travel in pre-pandemic levels. Their defence business specializes in missile defence and cyberecutiry which are gaining traction because of the Russian war. There is more defence spending. This trades at a reasonable PE and pays a 2.4% yield. (Analysts’ price target is $113.61)
Boeing and Airbus have a duopoly. She hasn't owned Boeing for years. In a given year, one company gets more orders, then the next year the other gets more. It's split this way. Instead of these companies, she prefers owning the suppliers to these companies.