(A Top Pick Mar 01/22, Down 3%) Keep in mind that these past top picks were made only four months ago and have not had a longer time frame to show returns. It is a solid tech name in cloud based solutions and has held up well in the tech sell-off. Q1 was mixed but most of its profitability should be in the second half of the year. It is a 10% organic grower.
(A Top Pick Mar 01/22, Down 6%) It is not a REIT but a real estate corporation which re-invests in growth. It is mostly in Western Canada in a segment overlooked by institutional investors. It has made some very good acquisitions. It has compounded at 20% a year over the last 20 years and is one to just keep holding and forget about.
property mngmnt / investment
(A Top Pick Mar 01/22, Down 29%) It is an online lender giving access to credit for the U.S. consumer. Q1 was quite good and management maintained guidance. Watch for more partnerships with U.S. banks. Its dividend is 6% and if it meets guidance it is trading at a very low valuation. It is high growth, under-followed and misunderstood. He is adding.
Financial Services
The industry is trading at a discount to its U.S. peers. There are other similar ones to own as well. It is good but he wants to see a couple of quarters with profitability.
He shorted it because of poor valuation. You should read the short report that came out a couple of months ago.
computer parts mnfctr
A high beta stock. It is on his radar but he prefers smaller tech companies that are more profitable.
It is in the cemetery consolidation business and has held up quite well over the past year. It has been issuing a lot of equity, maybe double, over the past 3 to 4 years. ROE is down, declining to the single digit range.
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