Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, David Fingold commented about whether FRC-N, ENTG-Q, 7741-JP, INTC-Q, MKSI-Q, CKP-N, VZ-N, MSCI-N, KEYS-N, AAPL-Q, SNPS-Q, SKFOF-OTC, LOW-N are stocks to buy or sell.

Optimistic about the company. Makes sense given the new product launches and the increasing penetration of services within their business. It hit a peak last August. Then, it consolidated while continuing to grow earnings. Bought in during this consolidation. Expects it will do well. Should be a core holding.
electrical / electronic
Made a decision to move to the sideline a couple months due to concern about reaching the peak of 5G adoption and there will be 6G. If we start to see a moderation in the growth of 5G installations, it might be time to look into other ideas. 5G requires a significant demand in semiconductors. Prefers companies that are more unavoidable in semiconductor manufacturing.
Likes the company. It lets you participant in indexes but also in ESG business. There are many that cover it. It is a fine company but it is not his favourite. Prefers S&P. Has many of the same drivers but they also have a merger through a competitor takeover with synergy. MSCI may not have as much of a catalyst.
Financial Services
Would stay away from traditional telecom companies. This industry was the worst performing sector of all time. There has been a tremendous destruction of profitability in this industry. Terrestrial communication through cable is easier than satellite. Mobile is more part of what people want to do. A completely commoditized product so people are not loyal to companies. Need differentiation. Not high quality companies.
telephone utilities
Moved to the sidelines a while ago. The growth slowed and other companies were asserting leadership in the industry. Over the last 5 years, there has been many other companies coming up.
misc industrial products
Rather likes the company but does not hold it. Very focused on semiconductors but with their recent attempts, they are diversifying into the laser business. There are other alternatives. Thinks that this will not grow the way it did before. The company also has competitors in the space.
Peaked in their relative performance with peers in 2000. Before, they were collecting a tax on computers. Ultimately, over the last 30 years, there has been a reduction in instruction set computing. Intel missed the boat on low power and mobile where the growth has been. Trying to make themselves more relevant without much success right now. Everyone is ahead of Intel in terms of nodes.
electrical / electronic