Billy Kawasaki’s Insights - Picks from 5i Research. There are concerns over the impact of coronavirus on retail locations. They just completed a large share buyback and the company is committed to the distribution. They have a good track record and the company is looking long term to opportunity in retail when the virus has passed. Unlock Premium - Try 5i Free


Billy Kawasaki’s Insights - Picks from 5i Research. The company started trading in the US today. There may be some volatility as it is a small company by US standards, but investors in the states might be willing to pay more for the valuation potential. Some investors might buy it just in case it is the next Shopify. Unlock Premium - Try 5i Free

Volatile markets these days. Tech started strong today then fell. But this volatility won't last. New investors who jumped in will get a rude awakening this month and bow out. When stocks go down, they go down hard. That's why you need to hold cash....Housing has been strong given low rates and government support. Will Lennar turn offices into houses, given the flight to the suburbs? Drug stocks have been horrendous lately given political pressure, but everyone is focused on the vaccine race. But how do you make big money off the vaccine if governments will limit that cost? The market badly needs another stimulus package, which will lift this market doldrum.
Did the Fed create a bubble by slashing interest rates? Nope. The Fed did its job--we'd be in a depression if they hadn't stepped in. Not in a bubble apart from the cloud stocks. In fact, some stocks are very cheap like CITI. He revived a stock--it generate $7.5 billion when the outgoing CEO took over, and now generates $19.4 billion. Returned on common equity surged from 5% to 12.1%. Tangible book value is now above $70. But the stock continues to lag the S&P's rise by a mile. Pays a juicy dividend. Should be much higher, but this market hates bank stocks. It's cheap now.
Camping World must be crushing it in the age of COVID, because camping is the safest vacation now. Reports next week. Awaiting for the CEO to speak.
Consumer Products
Why is this stock, which makes upscale office chairs, flatlining during this pandemic? Their last report was strong, but maybe their high-end office furniture it to pricey now. Reports next week.
Consumer Products

Sell, because Nikola looks like a business plan, not a business. On Tuesday, it partnered with GM to place its fuel cells and offer battery technology into GM's trucks. The market loved the deal, though the stock has pulled back since, based on a scathing short-seller report that accuses fraud, that cars using these batteries doesn't work. Nikola denies all allegations and will sue the short-seller. Why not show a vehicle that is using Nikola technology to disprove allegations? Nikola is so early in its development, so you're betting on management.