Gold Gold is hitting resistance now at $1,351, very much linked to the strong USD--the market is telling us to own gold. (Gold) producers usually lead the price of the commodity, both the upside and downside. We have a breakout now in those producers, so he predicts a breakout in gold itself.

It's a consumer discretionary stock. Canadian consumption is up 7.7% the last quarter and is hitting a 20-year high. However, CTC is in a steady downtrend. Around $142 is resistance, a problem. His indicators are pointing down on this stock. There's also a lot of overhead supply, too. There must be something fundamental affecting this stock.

specialty stores
Resistance is at $36.75, but he expects it to breakout to the mid-$40's. Looks pretty good, and all indicators point upward. The USD is the linchpin; if the USD pushes up, gold goes back down. But he's bullish gold.
precious metals
(A Top Pick Mar 22/19, Down 6%) One of the best mining stocks. It fell to $24 in October, and recently returned to February lows around $27. The lows are higher, which is reassuring. The deep cyclical stocks aren't moving these days. If it falls below $28, then it will likely return to $26. TECK really ramped up in April during the China-US trade talks, so until there's clarity on those talks, TECK won't go anywhere.
(A Top Pick Mar 22/19, Up 2%) Resistance at $24 but we'll probably see a push higher as the real estate markets heat up again.
(A Top Pick Mar 22/19, Up 5%) Been on an uptrend since January. It's making a new high. Buy it--it'll keep making new highs, but if interest rates rise, you don't want to own utilities.
electrical utilities

This has had a slow downtrend for the last 12 months. But seasonality kicks in during the summer for oil stocks, and the US dollar will help this dramatically if the USD breaks down. ERF pays a decent yield. Good management. The current price south of $10, we hit it in 2015, and faced resistance in 2016 with several touches in 2017. If it keeps falling, it will fall to $6-7. July should push this to $11, and it could move back to $16.

oil / gas