One of the last great conglomerates, now splitting into three companies. The street needs time to digest all this and decide which business they want to own. It's time to take a close look at UTX.
mngmnt / diversified
It's a great company, but not stock. The stock price got ahead of the company, going too far, too fast. Before it fell, it was a very expensive stock. It got hit after missing on earnings.
computer software / processing
Airlines are making money because there's high demand, but no new supply of seats. Airlines control airport gates which is hard for new competitors to come in. Delta is efficient, non-unionized with a fuel surcharge. They're making money. (Analysts’ price target is $67.58)
It's become a value stock, trading at 18x earnings with a 1.7% yield. It'll continue to sell a lot of iPhones, and their services platform has grown huge. Don't just look at how many phones they'll sell in the next quarter. They continue to innovate and grow worldwide. People love their iPhones and will rarely switch to Androids. Great price now. (Analysts’ price target is $228.47)
electrical / electronic
They like their American exposure. Well-run, trading at 10x earnings with a 3.7% dividend. Great capital ratios. Selling cheap because of fears of weakness in Canadian housing and oil--which he doesn't buy. As for housing, there's still immmigration coming to Canadian cities with little housing supply being built. (Analysts’ price target is $84.99)