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When looking for stocks that are a defensive growth, this is the one that comes to mind. Going forward, he sees 5% same store growth, 10% square footage growth and maybe a little bit of margin expansion, so you are seeing mid teens EPS growth. You're paying roughly 2X 08, 18X 09, which is not that high of the multiple.
Metallurgical silicon. Trades on the Netherlands exchange. They are a 50% plus owner of Timminco (TIM-T) so this is a good way to play that. Also a big player in the minor metals.
Has been working his portfolio around the agricultural sector and sees it working out in 2008. Out of the fertilizer business, this company is the best positioned. Has about a 50% lower inventory level then the 10-year average. Not a lot of new supply coming around. Developing countries are more and more in need of fertilizer.
(A Top Pick Aug 26/04. Up 14%.) Still likes. Made a nice acquisition. Expects consolidation in the industry which should be positive for them.
(A Top Pick Aug 26/04. Down 5%.) Still likes and considers it a core holding in some of the portfolios. Expects to see better returns on equity, invested capital.