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Stock Opinions by Pete Najarian, co-founder,

Released earnings after the bell today It's less about the earning but its outrageous lows and highs over the past year. There's still a decent short position on this stock. GME isn't trading off earnings but momentum, typical of these meme stocks.
specialty stores
The CEO came from Taco Bell to revive this company immediately. The PE is stretched, though, but digital growth has been amazing. They've innovated the menu. They've done everything they've needed to do. He raised menu prices, but also the wages of their employees which creates loyalty and goodwill by customers.
food services
An amazing quarter. They are growing in the men's segment, which is just starting and faces a lot of growth. 69% of sales continues to be to women. Buying Mirror, a fitness start-up, was a great deal. The CEO has done an amazing job. They were in a great position going into the pandemic and thrived during it as people wore more casual clothing, and still thrive. Those over age 30 will buy more of their clothes. Their numbers were stellar. The one knock about them is their PE, but why doesn't anyone say that about Nike? There's a lot of upside to come.
household goods
He likes it. The growth is there and RH continues to impress. Their transition into digital is working well. Supply chain restraints didn't prevent an unbelievable quarter. However, the valuation is a concern. This could surpass the all-time high of $740. But if had a choice between this and William Sonoma, he'd choose Sonoma.
Consumer Products
He traded this last month. Look at the volumes in shares as well as options--huge. There's incredible activity in this and other meme stocks everyday throughout this year. There is serious short interest in this, 18%.
entertainment services
Exxon Mobil saw a lot of call buying today. He'll jump in tomorrow.
integrated oils
GM is expanding its massive recall of its Bolt e-car. Stock is down 3% after hours. It had a great run to $60 recently, then sold off. Post-Friday news always sees a stock get hit hard, and this is happening. Yet, this news will create opportunity. He likes GM--it has possibilities. He hasn't chased it, so the sell-off is a one-off--not fun--but a buying opportunity.
He likes U.S. banks, but more so the European banks. Yes, the Euro banks had a good run so far this year, but they have even more room in the second half of 2021.
It had a 30% move in the first half of this year and he expects better in the second. It trades at only 16x PE. He sees a good future here with their celebrities.
specialty stores
The stock has doubled since March 2020, but the company continues to grow. Comp sales are strong across all categories. This has plenty of upside to come.
specialty stores
The one chip stock that has outperformed Nvidia in the past year. Has lots of upside.
electrical / electronic
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