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Stock Opinions by JoAnne Feeney

Market responding negatively to USA & Canada job numbers. US Federal Reserve not seeing hiring slowdown it wants (means wages will continue to go up). Risk that US Fed is able to cool inflation without recession is growing. Markets are being priced for slow aggregate growth (~3.0% GDP) .
Company has evolved to have market leadership (#1 or #2) in in each product segment. Supplies key chips to Apple and other tech companies. End markets are tilted towards cloud and data centers. High end smart phone market holding up well. Good at executing M&A activity.
TJX Companies
Believes company will preform well regardless of recession. Middle income customs will shop at discounted retailers. Increase in foot traffic likely during a recession. Lower cost of goods as high end retail sells slow inventory to company.
clothing stores
Company currently on sale with recent decrease in share price. Main supplier of central processors to many companies. Recently has leapfrogged Intel in market share. Strong demand for high end tech. Long term investor will benefit in next 3-5 years.
electrical / electronic
XPO Logistics, Inc
(A Top Pick May 14/21, Down 42%) Last year has been tough on company with market selloff. Consumer spending slowing on shipping logistics. Has sold shares.
StoneCo Ltd.
(A Top Pick May 14/21, Down 80%) Has been hit hard by tech selloff. Has sold shares in company. Serious business problems in Brazil (regulatory issues with accounting). Pandemic made things worse in Brazil.
Financial Services
(A Top Pick May 14/21, Down 28%) Has kept shares in company and likes the business model. Cash from vaccine sales will be used to make other vaccines and therapeutics. Long term is a good investment. Lots of R & D opportunities.
Pharma & Healthcare
Tough for years with decrease in consumer traffic during the pandemic. Likes the company and healthy dividend. Will see recovery as pandemic eases. Stable business that is good for long term investor.
specialty stores
Interesting company that is diversified away from 1 product. Does logistics for broad range of sectors. Cost savings that company offers to customers is compelling. Nature of product (barcode readers) repeatable business that will be sticky.
electrical / electronic
NVIDIA Corporation
Has recently bought shares in the company with market selloff. Leading edge technology for AI and gaming industry(graphics chips). Also supplies tech for smart cars. Company is well positioned to grow. Consumer gaming is expected to slow in growth. Good opportunity to buy.
computer software / processing
Good company that has solid business model. Resilient beer sales throughout North America. Likely to to see steady demand of alcohol even if there is a recession. Recently dumped lower end wine business lines.
breweries / beverages
Alphabet Inc
Has been hit with recent tech selloff (rising interest rates). Believes company is a good long term investment. Strong business model with established franchise. Headwinds from interest rates at a minimal in terms of risk. Controls own data which is essential feature of ad model.
Johnson & Johnson
Continue to like the business. Spinoff of consumer business is a good move. Established business with good prospects. Is a good defensive name(high dividend) for long term investors. Will continue to hold.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Leading company in digital payments across the world. Cleaning up of inactive accounts has created worries for investors. Pandemic helped company, Likes company as end markets are still growing. Digital payments has long future ahead. Good opportunity at current share price.
Continues to like General Motors. Trading at cheap price. Being hurt by fears of recession. Higher interest rates makes it harder to finance cars for consumers. Shortage of semi-conductors still a problem.
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