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(A Top Pick Mar 05/18, Up 28%) It has the largest margins he can find. The knock against it is that it has had a good run. It is a young mine. There should be a resource statement next week and that should show where the resource base is heading.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/18, Up 3%) They announced last year that they were having difficulty getting productivity levels in the moving of materials. There was a change in management and some of the board. The cash flow and grade keeps going up and up.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/18, Down 9%) He added to it. It had a good rally to begin the year. It has two good Canadian assets. They will have expanding margins in the best jurisdiction in the world.
A producer in West Africa. They went from cash burn to cash build. They now have two assets, not one. That will attract new investors and could cause a re-rating. (Analysts’ price target is $5.19)
Gold producer in Mexico. They have a good production level at low cost. There is good exploration upside. (Analysts’ price target is $17.98)