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Stock Opinions by George Young

Real Return Bonds. Real yields are in a bubble so these are not attractive right now. There are better assets for an inflation-adjusted return.
BCE Inc.
2024 10% strip bonds. Given that interest rates have come down significantly, there has been a massive capital appreciation in this. Expect interest rates have put in a bottom here, particularly in the longer end, so consider taking profits.
telephone utilities
TD Capital Trust II Bonds callable 2012, due 2052 with a 6.792% coupon. Fairly confident these will be called Dec 31/12. When this was initiated, it was always intended to be a 10-year deal.
30-Year Canada bond yielding 5%. Because of its duration, it will have a lot of exposure to interest rate moves i.e., a lot of risk. Expects interest rates have put in a bottom and inflation expectations picking up in the short-term.
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