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(A Top Pick Feb 28/18, Up 29%) Not expensive. Benefit from G5. A good place to be. Can get re-rated, but need to show consistent growth and execute well.
(A Top Pick Feb 28/18, Down 11%) Spending money on cannabis product development, sold some lower premium brands. In transition. They could introduce something and then you'll be sorry you didn't buy earlier.
(A Top Pick Feb 28/18, Up 1%) Last couple of years there was an increase in input costs, but they didn't pass it on to customers quickly enough. They're coming out the other side of that. Margins will stabilize. Management says nothing to acquire right now at the right price, and the market was disappointed.
It's a diversifier for an equity portfolio. Combination of lower rates and lower dollar means that gold will keep going. We can do 1600 on gold, just not sure of the timeframe.
A story that will take a while to develop. They want to stick to the $1 price point, and this must be difficult. So they're testing other price points. Will be positive for revenues and margins. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $110.92)