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(A Top Pick Feb 28/18, Down 9%) Resin prices rose sharply, which they mostly passed on to customers. So serious margin contraction, but this has been alleviated now.
(A Top Pick Feb 28/18, Down 21%) Bought Canopy. She thinks this was a great buy, but others think it an expensive acquisition with no immediate payout. Consumer stocks haven't participated in the recent rally, as they are more defensive. Likes management. Five years from now, the acquisition will seem like a smart buy.
(A Top Pick Feb 28/18, Up 14%) Better than expected numbers for margins and guidance. Everyone was excited about that.
They aren't actually affected by China-US trade war, which is unusual for a tech company. Developing some G5 products. If some companies are banned, Cisco could take market share away from Huawei. Their new business is growing, but they need to really push it, as some of their legacy businesses are slowing down. Yield is 2.82%. (Analysts’ price target is $53.57)
The only dollar store that still fits the description. If they increased prices, they could meaningfully increase revenues and earnings. Management has resisted, but there's pressure to do this. This would add $2 per share to earnings. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $100.44)