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Stock Opinions by Serge Depatie

A vaccine that is used in cattle to reduce E. coli. The question is, does it immunize enough. Very promising. Very stable revenue. Trading at only 2X sales so you get their cancer and cattle products for free.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
The cat with 9 lives. Started off as a technology company to process biotechnology products. This is doing fine and will be a good business for them eventually. Have just disclosed phase 2 results for an immune drug that will compete with Amgen products. FDA almost took Amgen products off but there was no alternative. Now this company is coming in that could replace the therapy. On his radar screen.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Response Biomedical
Led by one of the most reputable and solid management teams in healthcare. In food agnostics right now and has the right partners. Diversified with 2 products, a hospital cardiac diagnostic tool.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
In a proxy fight with the founder trying to get back the company. Not a bad company but in a bad environment with the FDA right now.
LAR Research Inc.
Located in Montreal which is a hub for clinical trials in this company has taken the opportunity there. Has grown tremendously and he sees no end in sight in terms of obtaining contracts by the pharmaceutical industry, which more and more has to outsource research work. They have quality contracts.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Treats atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat). This is a large coming market in cardiac area that is unsolved. The clinical trials they are doing in the US and Europe are indicating that the doctors are really adopting the product. Will probably be the leading therapy in this area. Expecting a takeout, especially if they get FDA approval.
misc industrial products
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