Jennifer Stevenson
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Executive Vice President at
Qwest Investment Fund Management Corp.

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(Top Pick Jan 20/09, Up 76%) There is not the same per-share upside as last year, but no concerns about the dividend. Profits are so strong the dividend is not an issue. She had trimmed back her position and put the money into smaller issues.
(Top Pick Jan 20/09, Up 61%) Did very well for two reasons. Management team assembled a fantastic core asset. Profits are robust. They also had a small amount of oil production as a hedge. Now they will be more tied to gas price.
(Top Pick Jan 20/09, Up 81%) The cash flow fully funds exploration for this year. This is going to be fun but bumpy. You have to be prepared for it to be a roller coaster. The management certainly has the skills.
Likes it because she likes heavy oil. Large contiguous asset base. Very repeatable. No exploration risk. Just drilling really boring 50 barrel per day oil wells. Makes tones of money and they can double their production this year. New public company and has not done marketing so it is undervalued. NOTE: EME-T used to be the symbol for Emergis, which was acquired by Telus in 2008 and the symbol is now assigned to Emerge Oil and Gas.
This is low hanging fruit on the oil side. The growth is just on assets that they have. It’s very well valued in the market – it’s not expensive. Growth is just on assets and the management team has done it before.