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Stock Opinions by Kevin Vandermeer, B.Comm, CFA

We really like it. One of the few pharma companies that have a generics division embedded in it. They continue to move in the generics area because they see growth in that sector.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
"We really like Boston [Scientific]" Thinks they have a better product then the competitor. Had a series of recalls, but have been able to gain back the marketshare. But the stock didn't recover as well. So is now undervalued.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Reported earlier this week and results were better then expected. Has reservations about the company. If you really want it, wait and watch.
Consumer Products
Majority of money is from 3 products. Want's more diversificaion. Good balance sheet though.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Unbelieable business run by smart guys. Stable business, great stock for long term.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Technology is superior then Boston Scientific, and Boston markets for them. (for their main product). Would rather buy Boston, because it is more diversified, and slightly cheaper.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
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